Chapter Listing

1. Green Pasture
2. Mother Up – Father Up
3. Over
4. Jesus And The Sheep Dog
5. Keds And Kids
6. Yearlings
7. Obedience Training
8. End of An Era – Eggs, $80 Per Dozen
9. Sheep That Don’t Flock
10. The Very Best Pasture
11. Table In The Presence Of The Enemy
12. Three Strands Of Wire
13. An Excellent Sheep Dog Doesn’t Chase Rabbits
14. PTL Principles For Shepherds In Training
15. My Sheep Know My Voice
16. What Do You Do With A Fat Sheep?
17. Until The Soil Warms
18. Shepherd At The Gate
19. Conditions Are Right For What Grows There
20. Night Watch
21. Front Feet Bound, Lying On Her Side
22. Each Dog Doing His Own Thing
23. Hey Shepherd, Do You Smell Like A Sheep?
24. How High’s The Water Momma?
25. The Lead Sheep
26. To Please The Master
27. Steady On – Sit – Come By
28. Beyond The Breadbasket
29. Sheep Following Sheep – Through The Fog
30. The Other Side Of The Fence
31. One Lame Sheep After Another
32. Yearlings Unattended And The Second Reading of the Law
33. The Best Tasting Water In The World
34. Feeding And Protecting Our Lambs
35. Clean Pasture
36. Closed Herd
37. A New Working Chute
38. Under-shepherd Gets Kicked In The Head
39. Following An Empty Bucket
40. Taming The Coyotes
41. Paths of Righteousness For His Name Sake
42. Culling The Green Heads
43. My Sheep
44. Good Dogs and Other Dogs
45. Through The Working Chute
46. Concluding Track – Will You Choose Pasture Or Barn Lambing?

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