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Sheep Tracks, Biblical Insights From A Sheepherder
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By Dennis Rowan

Book Summary – Sheep Tracks, Biblical Insights From A Sheepherder is a collection of 46 essays written by a modern-day shepherd. These were written over a 20-year period as this shepherd observed the steps of his sheep, his sheep-herding dogs, his guard dogs and other aspects of the farm. The author captured in detail the real life experiences with his flock and then juxtaposed these to our present day life situations from a biblical perspective.

The Bible makes hundreds of references to sheep, lambs, and flocks. The behaviors of sheep and the relationship these animals have to a shepherd constitute valuable teaching points in the Bible. Many people in biblical times had their own flocks as a reference, while most people today do not have sheep. However, this book can be valuable for those who want to gain a greater understanding of the Bible’s use of sheep and shepherds for instruction.

Author Profile – The author has the distinction, at the age of 64, to have written this book in the same room where he was born. He developed an interest in agriculture as he grew up on the family farm. This led to his study at three universities where he obtained degrees of B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in the animal sciences. He taught at a university for 11 years before returning to the home farm in 1982 to raise sheep. His head knowledge about sheep was then enhanced with heart knowledge as he spent much time studying the Bible, managing his sheep flock, and seeking God in prayer.

He and his wife Glenda founded Psalm 23 Camp on their farm in 1985 where part of the emphasis is on sheep/shepherd relationships. In 1993 they started Servants At Work (SAW) as an outreach to local people and to missionaries in Central America.

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