Perhaps Your School is Like the Good Biscuit Found in a Garbage Can

Sometimes you can find a good biscuit in a garbage can, but it is not a good place to look for a good biscuit.
Sometimes you can find a good biscuit in a garbage can, but it is not a good place to look for a good biscuit.

The world is in a mess, America is in rapid decline, including politics, government, the culture and most certainly the public (government run) school system. Those who are strong advocates for Christian schooling of our nation’s children have heard different reasons from parents as to why they don’t take their children out of public schools to place them in a Christian environment. One such reason is, “But our children attend a good public school.”

My response is this; Occasionally you will find a good biscuit in a garbage can, but that’s not the place to go looking for a good biscuit.  I don’t intend to be overly critical of their opinion, but a larger picture is being ignored

Before we consider the big picture, let me ask some questions.  Did you attend a public school?  If you work, or did work, outside the home, were some of your classmates working at the same place?  Did you, in fact, work with other people who went to some school other than the public school you attended?

My point in asking these questions is to amplify the absurdity of defending your local public school, when in fact, the entire nation, if not the world, knows that the public school system in America is horrible.  It is bad enough that students in America have poor test scores, especially in math and the sciences, but the cultural rot such as gender confusion training, is beyond the pale.  Never forget that much of what is learned in a public school comes from peers who have been feasting on the cultural rot found in songs, TV and movies.  To put it mildly, it is a far cry from the loving, nurturing influence the parents or some other Christians can provide where Jesus Christ is the head, and is welcome, rather than from a system lead by non-believers, and in an environment where God is not welcome, and in fact, rejected.

Therefore if our children and grandchildren attend a school that is deemed to be “good,” will they not be in contact, and work with many people who did not attend that “good” school?  Furthermore, government schools are on record as rejecting God, Jesus Christ, prayer in school, and at school events.  Government does not want students to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, or His death, burial, and His RESURRECTION, or any daily acknowledgement that He even exists.  Also remember that a Christian teacher in a public school is not given legal authority (man’s law, not God’s Law) to even talk to a child about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Christian parents have a tremendous challenge, even if most circumstances seem to favor their situation.  They should not be expected to bear the entire responsibility.  Personally, in our current environment, I think,  so-called leaders among Christian ministries and congregations should get off their collective religious duffs, and start supporting the idea of Christian schooling.  We often hear men say, “God called me to preach the Gospel.”  Did you ever hear one say he was called to encourage his congregation to home school?  Where is the discernment? The discipleship?  And, the dedication to train the next generation 30 hours a week rather than giving them a lick and a promise with only two or three hours per week in God’s house, as they say?  BTW, does the Bible not say God does not dwell in temples made by man?  My take is this: Preaching is much easier and brings in more money than the study of God’s Word, praying for discernment, or spending the effort to train a bunch of kids who don’t carry wallets with lots of cash in them… oh, the LOVE OF MONEY.  There, I said it.

Kids who spend 30 hours a week in a public school environment in America today will no doubt absorb much of the stench in that environment in much the same way that a lonely biscuit in a garbage pail will take on the rotting odor found there.

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