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These are letters to the editor Craig Mohler of the Monroe Watchman in Union, WV that were not printed. All he censored are not listed here because all were not posted in this blog. This blog format began in February 2011 while many of the censored letters were written months and years before that time, and I failed to keep track of all of them. The oldest post was written in February 2008 before Obama was elected to his first term (“Interesting, Laughable, Disgusting, and Sad.”)

Beware of Feds Overreach – Part 2, Rebuttal of the Rebuttal

I’ve heard that you should never get in a letter-writing battle with a man who buys ink by the barrel, meaning that you should not do battle in writing with a man who owns and/or edits a newspaper. Of course country boys might say never get into a urinating contest with a skunk. The editor and owner of the Monroe Watchman is Craig Mohler, a very amiable man who I happen to like on a personal level. When he was fresh out of veterinarian school, I took my vet business to him. I have enjoyed visiting with him on several occasions where we have common interests.

Our Enemy the State

However, having said that, from a worldview standpoint, I see Craig in the enemy camp. I’ve written several letters to him as editor of The Monroe Watchman over a period of several years. His handling of those letters falls into three categories, (1) he prints them (2) he doesn’t print them, but usually sends me an e-mail with a lame excuse as to why he did not put my letter in his paper. I became so aggravated with this action that I finally put a special category on another website called “Censored by the Monroe Watchman.” (3) He prints and then writes a rebuttal. He did that this past week. His rebuttal with intent to discredit me was so intense, I consider it a censorship of sorts.

Although I felt a little bit bad because my letter was so long, he wrote a rebuttal, printed immediately following my letter, that was LONGER than my letter. While reading his rebuttal, I laughed out loud more than once. I no doubt destroyed one of his buttons when I pushed it. My immediate comment to my wife after reading his response was, “That sounded like an infomercial for big government.” It was typical pollyanna liberal-speak about how great our government has been and will certainly remain that way in spite of right-wing critics.

Let me point out what is wrong with a newspaper editor who writes such a response to one who sends a letter to that editor. (1) it shows his bias, not kosher for a editor. (2) it can intimidate anyone else who dares write something that is contrary to that editor’s obvious bias. It would essentially shut down free speech, especially for anyone who never wrote a letter to the editor, but was thinking about writing their first one. In fact, because of his censorship in the past, I have been intimidated enough to refrain from naming any Democrat I criticize, because I have been afraid he would not likely print such. In fact, in my letter last week I put in a quote by Obama, but didn’t say who made that statement. I heavily criticized Harry Reid, but made no mention that he is a Democrat.

Here are other conclusions I have made. Mohler didn’t have the confidence that one of the Watchman’s readers would write a rebuttal to my letter, so he took it upon himself to make sure there was a rebuttal, and it is safe to say I would come out second best if I chose to battle the guy who buys ink by the barrel. It would be a no-win situation for me. He knows that, I know that, and he knows that I know. Incidentally, I have had feedback from some people who expressed their disapproval of his writing that rebuttal. One came indirectly from a man I have never met.

Briefly, here are the key take-aways from my letter last week. (1) I don’t trust the Feds to tell the truth, (2) I don’t want to give the Feds anymore claim on my life and property than they already have, (3) Since the Feds have put our country so far in debt, I think “we the people” should refrain from seeking money (piling up more debt) via grants to fund some local project like the Gap Valley Historic District, and (4) Our enemy is the State.  Of course we all know we can add one more enemy, any media that spews State propaganda.

Here are some tidbits. (1)Mohler never addressed the fact that the BLM was armed but made a point that protesters were. He never countered my claim that Senator Harry Reid is a crook, and likely a major player in the actions of the BLM. (2) He said nothing about the $17 trillion of debt the Feds have placed at the feet (or wallets) of taxpayers, their children and grandchildren. Of course we expect a pollyanna liberal to ignore such insignificant, bothersome facts. Facts should never get in the way of an otherwise perfectly good theory of a big government liberal. (3) And that is my rebuttal to the editor’s rebuttal. This post and the Part 1 post will go in the censored file, and appear later at The reason is simple. Not printing a letter is censorship. Likewise, an editor’s deliberate attempt to torpedo one’s letter is also censorship.

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Beware of Feds Overreach

The following is a copy of a letter I wrote to the editor of the Monroe Watchman, Union, WV on May 10, 2014. While this letter was printed, the editor then proceeded to write a rebuttal, which  is essence was censorship.  While I do not have a copy of his rebuttal, if you read Part 2, which is my rebuttal of his rebuttal, then you can get some idea of what he said.

I admire all who spend their own time, effort and money to highlight and preserve the history of Monroe County, or of any other area for that matter. What I do not like are attempts to obtain grants from any form of civil government to fund such endeavors. I also think it unwise to sign up for anything that has the Federal government attached in any way.

As a property owner in the Gap Valley, I received a letter from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History explaining that the area is being considered for listing in the National Register. Here is a quote from that letter, “Listing in the National Register does not mean that limitations will be placed on the properties by the Federal government.” I literally laughed out loud after reading that sentence. My first thought was, “Since when have politicians and bureaucrats in the Federal government been known for their excellence at truth-telling?” Anyone who believes that statement about no limitations by the government should check out the 500-acre watermelon patch sitting on top of Peters Mountain that is up for sale.
The second thought I had after reading the letter about the National Register, and no Federal government control, was that, now famous quote, “If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan.”

Our Enemy the State

A recent incident in Nevada warrants our review. An armed swat team of about 200 BLM bureaucrats descended on the Clive Bundy cattle ranch. In addition to using a taser gun on one rancher, they shot and killed several of the Bundy cattle. As truth began to unfold in Nevada, it seems that U.S. Senator Harry Reid has been working on behalf of a group from China to confiscate the ranchland for that foreign government. His lawyer son also works with the Chinese. The head of the BLM use to work for Harry. So Harry was elected to serve residents of Nevada, while he and his minions work behind the scenes for China. Harry is a part of the 66% of U.S. Senators who are millionaires. I wonder, do dots in this picture connect?  Oh yeah, your tax dollars at work. One other fact; Harry is Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, voted to that position by his peers…. Lord, help us!

The U.S. government has put us in debt to the tune of $17 trillion, which is $148,000 per taxpayer in the U.S. Knowing that, why would we EVER want to apply for a grant that asks a governing body to take money  by force from other people in order to fund our project, and then hand the bill to our children and grandchildren?
Here’s a quote for you. “If you want to keep control of property you own, you can keep control of your property.” For those who believe that, the rocky top melon patch is waiting for you.

In 1935 Albert Jay Nock wrote a book, “Our Enemy, the State.” More of us should read that prophetic account.

Dennis Rowan
Gap Mills

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Islam in Monroe Schools 30 Years Ago

The article below was written as a “letter to the editor” of The Monroe Watchman, but it was not published.  Therefore I placed it in the category, “Censored by The Monroe Watchman” a few weeks later.  Editor Craig Mohler did not give a reason why he censored as he has with some other letters I have submitted.  One has to wonder why he failed to publish this letter. It may be the last one of my letters he rejects because I have a disdain for his lack of tolerance of free speech that is contrary to his worldview, and I will likely send no more letters to him.

Editor, Monroe Watchman

During my, single, six-year term  as a member of the Monroe County West Virginia School board in the 1980s, I examined a history textbook, and was shocked at what I saw.  As a Christian, I was interested in learning what, if anything, was in that book about the role of Christianity in the founding of America.


I found that the American History textbook had a total of only 18 words about Christianity.  I was upset, to put it mildly.  Then I learned that the book devoted five pages of information about Islam.   Are you kidding me, only 18 words about Christianity, but five pages about Islam? Let me be quick to add that it was the lack of information about Christianity that shocked me most, not the greater amount of information about Islam.  Let me also say that I was nearly totally ignorant about most religions except for Christianity and Judaism. Also, that time in history was about 15 years before the September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorists attack in America that killed about 3000 innocent people in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

While I am now much more informed about Islam, the purpose of this writing is not to cover the topic of Islamic Jihad in extensive detail.  I do hope some people reading this will take the time to do their own search to become adequately informed about Islam.  I will say that much propaganda has filled the airways  and print media ever since the 911 attacks, beginning when President George W. Bush said “Islam is a religion of peace.”  You might begin your Internet search by going to Two of the more ominous characteristics of Islam are their deliberate deception, and the stealth techniques they use to invade a country gradually, in order to strike once they obtain a stronghold. I don’t have to remind anyone that Islamic Jihad has accelerated in recent years, and is a very serious problem, particularly in parts of Europe.

I have one final point.  After spending more than forty years, in four different states, closely involved in public education including my years as a student, a teacher, and finally a public school board member, it was about three years into that six-year term that I said to myself, “No more, I am through with any official connection to public education.  It’s the same everywhere I’ve been. It’s time all Christians got out of a failed system.” I became, and remain a strong advocate of Christian schooling, especially homeschooling.

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