Thanks for stopping by our site. The Bible says, “All we like sheep have gone astray. (Isaiah 53:6) Information here is about how we have gone astray in the home, in the church and in our culture, or society at large. I have made the following assumptions, especially with regard to what is happening in the United States of America:

  • Home/School – Most of our children in America are educated in a state run (public school) system that, by the current laws of men, excludes God. That’s just one of many facts which show how the family has gone astray. Therefore, Christian school and/or homeschooling will often be the emphasis when a piece is written in the Home category. We consider home and school to be one entity for Christian families. The two should not be separate with respect to training. Others may help educate our children, but only if Christain principles are an intregal part of that training.
  • Church – The fact that so few pastors advocate/ support Christian/ home schooling is evidence of how the church has gone astray. The transition from home churches 1700 years ago into mega-churches with thousands of attendees runs contrary to instructions for church meetings in the New Testament. The failure of so many seminaries to follow biblical principles is another factor contributing to the ways in which the church has gone astray.
  • Culture/Worldview The basic failure of Christians to impact the culture and simply sustain what America’s founding fathers initiated is further evidence of how the church has gone astray. This category could be labeled as Christian worldview because that is the essence of what we Christians need to focus on when we interact with the culture. On some occassions an article here may be about public schools, but listed under culture. The reason is simple; the public school is a part of the secular environment and worldview, and not a part of training children in Christian homes.

Obviously the home, the church and the culture are not independant entities. However, we Christians should agree that Jesus Christ is our foundation. A personal relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ is the starting point. Then the home and church build on that truth. Then our attempts to affect the culture will be Christ centered.

Too often Christians try to affect the culture while the home and church lack proper structure. A carpenter who builds on a foundation and fails to keep the framework square will have to be constantly altering the construction to make allowances for the fact the building is not true or square. So it is with our culture; if we have the family and church “out of square” to use the carpenter’s terminology, we are constantly trying to make adjustments in our culture that are time consuming and ineffective. For example, Christian political activism can have some merits, but those efforts should be secondary to getting our house (home and church) in order.

And sadly, some groups and individuals with the “Christian” label are not what they claim, and this adds to confusion for non-believers and some new believers.

Dennis Rowan

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  1. Paulette Sizemore

    Hello! I just discovered your book and am so encouraged by your insight. I would like to know if we could visit your farm and also if you – perhaps – sell wool. I have recently taken up the “art” of felting and love the feel of the wool and would enjoy meeting the source of this lovely medium. We live in Pickaway and my husband, Dave Sizemore is known to you I believe. Thank you and I look forward to an e-mail. We are growing profoundly in our Spiritual lives and are finding that we have much in common with sheep! In Christ, Paulette

    • Okay, next to my family and my kids, this is my Passion topic! It’s what gets my jiceus flowing.First and foremost, I believe that those statistics are proof that the church has fallen asleep. The church has narrowed itself into a corner and unless willing to adapt to some change, this statistic I fear will grow. Churches have been doing what they do because that’s the way it’s always been done. Some churches hold tight to Tradition. The church can never compete with culture. They will never win. Its just the way it is. But the church can certainly change from “doing” to having a strategy.If You read my “About” section on my blog, you’ll see a line where I wrote, “I bleed Orange.” I encourage you to check out http://www.whatisorange.com to learn more about that and to see where my firm stance on what the church should be doing.We (as in Us, Moms, Parents, etc) put So much responsibility on the Church for those poor statistics. I see it as a 50/50 deal. Parents need to wake up and realize that they are the primary spiritual leaders in their kids lives. The church is a “Partner” to you as a Parent. Or at least it should be. There in lies the problem. Churches are failing to see that they need to come along side of us as parents and support us and understand that what happens at home is far more important than what happens at church. I am a product of Christian parents, christian private schools and church all my life. I saw friends come and go within the church. From my experience, The leadership within the church are all on different pages. Nursery, elementary, youth and “big” church are all doing their own thing. There is no strategy. They are silo’d. I beg of the church to align themselves together with parents and have a strategy for how to get a child from birth through college not ever wanting to leave the church! It is possible. It just means people are going to have to adapt to change and let some things go. Sorry for the rant. I warned you that it was a Passion area for me. I could say so much more…. : )

  2. As a pastor’s wife- this topic is near to my heart!First of all, I have to say that I do not bevelie that the “Church” is at fault!! The Bible is very clear, that it is to be us PARENTS that are to be training our children in righteousness!!! Sunday School & Youth Group were started many, many years later & really were started for the “non-churched” kids! Those statistics are sad, but I think they are a lot due to the fact that parents have been relying on the church to teach their children about Christ- instead of taking an active role themselves (& actually living what they bevelie)!A couple things our church does that I LOVE are… when children turn 4, they join their parents in “big” church- children younger than that are certainly welcome, but there is nursery & children’s church provided for children under 4. Although I do understand how difficult it can be for some kids to sit so long (we are all about wiggles at our house), we bevelie that having children in the service, plants seeds in their little hearts! :)We also have just started a curriculum (our pastors & elders & teachers have created) that lasts 7 years & walks everyone through the Bible… all Sunday School classes of various ages as well as the sermon are focused on the SAME topic… are memorizing the same verse, etc. In this way, children (along with their parents) will go through an in depth study of the whole Bible twice.Sorry, this is getting way too long! ;)Great question!Jessica

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