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Ignoring Romans 12:2 How Government Schools And Urban Living Have Led To Mind Control In The 21st Century (Segment F)



The Couch Potato Factor


Entertainment is not always a villain. However much of the content found on TV is a problem, and total time spent on entertainment is often a factor. In a sense a bigger problem is the failure to get off the couch and participate in something active. This is easy to do in a rural environment, especially for those of us who live on farms. Walking, hiking, camping, and golfing are some examples where urban people can spend their time away from the adverse influences found on TV. It takes a lot of effort to do these things for many families, plus you have added challenges with families with young children. The main point I make here is that being active in entertainment is better than sitting for all your entertainment.

My Uncle, Charles Rowan played the part of the groom

For practical purposes the television destroyed much of family activities, even in rural areas since it is so much easier to sit than to do. I recall my childhood when Dad was member of a local men’s civic group’s softball team each summer. They played other civic groups. It was a good form of entertainment. In a similar manner, there was a local summer baseball team made up of young adults. While I was never a part of one of these teams, they had a large following because they were very good, and the summer league was very competitive. They included former high school team members, and most were 20 -30 year olds.

Dad’s civic group also had other family oriented activities. Most memorable was the Womenless Wedding stage play the men had for the community. There were no women, so several men dressed up as women to play their respective parts like bridesmaids and bride. I can still see my Uncle Charles, a small man, who played the part of the groom and his “bride” was a tall overweight man, the largest in the club. Of course a play with that title conjures bad images in this day.

In essence, a large part of our indoctrination problem comes from our lack of activity, and of course this is a greater challenge for city dwellers.



The Sinister Factor


The Bible says none of us is good. Our righteousness is like filthy rags. While we were all born with that sin nature, there are some individuals in the world who are off-the-charts wicked. Some are very powerful people who have a lust for more power. Some wish to see billions of people dead so the remaining elite will have this earth as their big playground/park. Since they are so over the top in their beliefs, the ordinary man fails to realize such wicked men exist. Furthermore the most powerful men keep a low profile. They don’t run for public office; they choose who runs for those offices. This topic is too large to warrant spending much space and time here, but I think it is necessary to address it in some manner.

The public school system is the easiest target. While the beginnings go back more than 150 years, the leaders in the 20th Century have had the most impact. The schools were designed to control the people. Look it up, and learn how the public school system and those who lead it now are basically following ideologies established by Hitler, Stalin, and other tyrants. Worse is the fact that some wealthy men in America helped finance Hitler. Think of it this way; if you can start a war between two countries and then make money selling arms to both sides, what a deal!

Believe it or not the medical profession has a similar background. While Christians started early hospitals, the money barons put their claws in the system about 100 years ago by subsidizing medical schools that had an emphasis of drugs for treating symptoms, rather than nutrition for correcting deficiencies. Here’s the idea; train men to prescribe drugs and then make money by selling drugs.

Psychological Operations (PsyOps) – These have developed in less than 100 years. They used propaganda via advertising to get women to smoke, get doctors to approve of smoking, to get women into the workplace, to break up the family by various methods. There is also evidence that much of the emphasis on sports was planned well in advance. If men can exhibit their manliness and tribalism by selecting a favorite team and then participating in all the trappings of being a sold-out fan, then that same man can use his testosterone by sitting in his living room rooting for his team, or perhaps he can buy the shirts, the caps, the stadium tickets and really get involved in the game. This “game” then can serve as a distraction from the issues in the world that really matter.

The best thing for the doubter is to do your own homework… or is that just it …too much like WORK. A final word about the “sinister factor” is that this cannot affect you very much once you withdraw from the IOTA.

Part III

Where Do We Go From Here?




Withdraw From IOTA – My Story


Here is how I withdrew from the Information Of This Age (IOTA). My first efforts were not a part of some grandiose plan to reach into many aspects of my life, or many different activities/systems. It began in the 1991 when Democrats selected Bill Clinton as their party nominee for president in the primaries. I said, “That’s it, I will not be a registered Democrat anymore.” When the first George Bush was running for president against Bill Clinton, Dan Rather of CBS News torpedoed Bush in a TV interview. Having no respect for Rather in the first place, it made it easy to say, “That’s it; I’m not listening to that Dan Rather anymore.” Ultimately I withdrew from many things over a period of about 20 years.

Following my decision to never watch Dan Rather again, all TV news shows were the next to be excluded from my “watch” list. I decided I would not listen to lies and have my intelligence insulted. Comedy shows were the next to be rejected. My favorite TV shows were “cops and robbers “ dramas, but they were next. I got fed up with exciting drama shows that were peppered with Christian bashing and/or propaganda like “killing unborn babies is okay,” and “Homosexuals are so cool compared to the straight guys.” I just got sick of it. As I rejected the television programming, I began to read more with the added time that was freed up.


Last on the TV to go, were sports. Basketball is my favorite, and I still have some affinity for college level, but I got tired of watching what I thought were spoiled NBA millionaire tattooed thugs, slam-dunk. Sorry folks, I’m just not entertained by that. The “high-fiving” in all sports, down to little league, frankly does not impress me. Jerry West was my hero in college days as I watched courtside. He never slam-dunked, nor did he or his teammates high-five as if they had never made a good play before. I like the athlete who does an excellent job, and shows no emotion as if his great play was like a routine everyday practice play.

Replacing Garbage – Replacement followed withdrawal during that 20-year period. I’ll be honest it wasn’t exactly intentional. I didn’t say to myself, “I’m going to keep the TV off so I can read some good stuff written by Christians. (to be continued after a brief detour)

(Detour) I am taking a brief detour to make some points about an important principle. My waist size has decreased three inches in the course of the past year with a drop in weight of about 20 pounds. I have a strong academic and practical background in animal nutrition, so when I begin to learn via Internet about mineral and vitamin supplementation for humans, I quickly related to what I was reading and hearing. Basically, when the diet is balanced, food intake will adjust to what the body needs. Deficiencies cause individuals to continue eating seeking to find the limiting nutrient(s). Without the nutrients to balance the body’s need, people have a hunger or craving for the missing, causing an over consumption of food. The most readily available foods (fattening carbohydrates) are then consumed in excess quantities, and this leads to increased weight gain. In contrast, if a balanced diet is consumed, a person will not normally eat beyond what the body is craving. That is simplified, but it can serve as a guide as we analyze the massive amount of information that most are exposed to each day.

(continued from above) As I deleted most of TV from my menu and spent more time reading books and Internet publications, the more I yearned for answers as to “Why is our world this way?” This led to the study of Christian worldview (CWV) principles to better understand the world in which we live. As I got into that, then it made it easier to put much TV viewing behind me. For the past three summers we have not put a TV in the big house, or summer residence. I immersed myself into CWV in a relatively big way; I purchased the entire Five-volume works of 22 books written by Francis A. Schaffer, and read them all that winter about four years ago. I followed up by reading other works. I think the following is a C.S. Lewis quote, “For every new book you read, read two old ones.” (Classics that have withstood the test of time.

During my more intense times of studying Christian worldview compared to other worldviews I conducted some thorough study of materials produced by Summit Ministries in Colorado. Summit was formed by Dr and Mrs. David Nobel about 50 years ago. I purchased several books and videos including teaching materials for various ages of school children. While they produce multiple teaching materials and conduct various conferences, their signature emphasis is their two-week long summer conferences for high school and college aged students. I have also had multiple conversations with the staff and a few students who have attended. With no hesitation, I believe this is potentially some of the best training a young adult can receive.

An important Scripture, Romans 12:2, can be our guide for studying worldviews. Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.

Do not be conformed to this age. Look at it this way, suppose you are awake 16 or more hours a day, but have about four or five hours when you are not busy working, eating, etc. and can choose to invest your time in something else. Let me assume you do not have something like a woodworking shop to pursue hobby carpentry. Lets assume TV, Internet, and other media are available. Now lets assume an easy way to occupy your time is to grab the remote and turn the TV on, and basically consume “information of this age.” (IOTA) Just as the body seeks to fill the needs of missing nutrients, the mind is often looking via media entertainment, to correct an imbalance, or at least fill in the time of one’s waking hours. And, let’s be honest, entertainment is just has more appeal than studying.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Now suppose you decide the IOTA doesn’t line up with your beliefs.   In my case, as I begin to delete the IOTA, I began to fill my mind with other information. There was a long period of transition as I deleted time spent on IOTA, while increasing my time on other subject matter. I haven’t arrived, but I know I am better informed now than I was back in 1991 when I first began to withdraw from the system

The more I studied CWV, the better I understood what is wrong with our world, and this led to more rejection of IOTA. What may not be so obvious at first glance is that most of the IOTA is easy to find, while uncovering truth takes more effort. People in our world who have evil intent, especially those with massive financial wealth, seem to be more dedicated to infiltrating those businesses and institutions that produce IOTA. This includes movies, music, television, academia, and governments. Why did IOTA become repugnant to me? Answer: I think I was beginning to discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.

Urgency. I am not a naturally rapid reader. Although I have a PhD, my technical field did not require reading large volumes of information, just seeking out and analyzing the facts via scientific research and reading. I tend to be analytical, willing to read non-fiction to get answers. The materials I began reading a few years ago were not technical. I read much more in a year than any one-year period in my college days. In the advanced stages of my deletion of IOTA, and substituting Christian works, I acquired a sense of urgency, as in “I must learn this as fast as I can because we are in trouble.”

Here is an interesting thing about the “urgency” mentality. When an issue is urgent, then it means that many other issues must necessarily be relegated to a low priority status. Therefore the “IOTA” is expunged via natural entropy; IOTA then becomes like a large beach ball sitting on a large hill that can be moved with a gentle breeze, and it eventually reaches a lower status at the bottom of the hill. There is nothing super-spiritual about the experiences I had over a 20-year period. It was in essence a natural progression. I didn’t consciously see the connection to Romans 12:2 until I got to writing about “Withdraw from the System,” which was a part of a series of letters written to my sons and sons-in-law about preparing for the apparent coming of an economic collapse. Yes, I was familiar with the Scripture beforehand, but not focused on it as such. An interesting cycle developed. An increase in knowledge of CWV led to an increase in the level of urgency, which led to less desire to be influenced by IOTA.

Knowledge of the Bible is not the same as Christian worldview, however Bible knowledge is necessary to develop CWV. If one lacks knowledge of the worldviews that compete with CWV, then it is difficult to develop a CWV. For example, suppose someone supports the idea found in the Bible that says widows should be given proper care. That’s fine. Now suppose the same person says this is a reason why government welfare money should be used to that end. A different worldview just crept in, and it is Socialism/Marxism. Christians who believe the widow needs support should do so by giving freely in some manner. The person who believes the government should support the widow, is in essence advocating that money be taken away from those who pay taxes and then part of the money should go to support the widow, and the remaining money to those (government) in charge of taking and then distributing.

Deception. Here is the key point on worldview concerning the above scenario. People, especially the young, are easily fooled by the bait and switch thinking that the government should help the widow because she has a need. The widow’s need is the bait; the government’s involvement is a switch from the idea of freewill giving by the Christian over to government confiscation of money from one to give to another. It is wrongheaded charity from the get-go. It is not Christian and it is not charity; it is thievery, which is at the center of the spread-the-wealth-around Marxist worldview. Democrats in D.C., by their advocacy are Marxist and/or Fascist; they just would not dare call it Marxism or Fascism. Actually Republican leadership is the same, with different talking points. Furthermore, Christian teachers and pastors who push for government subsidies for the poor are also promoting a wrong worldview.

And also consider the government school system, it is thievery when governments take money from it’s citizens, in the form of taxes, which are not voluntary, and then use that money to support their ungodly formal education system. Sure there are laws, instituted by men, but consider the Christian, whose Law are you to submit to? Huh? Tell me!

While my story here of withdrawal from IOTA has been largely a focus on media, and how we adults must develop and exercise discernment, the greater red flag warning should be toward what younger people face in the next 5, 10, or 20 years.   Children will be challenged by the media, the schools, (even Christian), colleges, practically all governments (city, county, state, federal), many big businesses, and even many religious (including some Christian) groups. Americans to a large extent have been deceived, and thus trapped. A withdrawal from the trap will be difficult.

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