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Other People’s Money

What a deal, if you could spend other people’s money (OPM) without restraint; how good a deal would that be? That’s the deal of the US Congress; they spend money freely because it is NOT THEIR MONEY. Currently 40 percent of what they spend goes to pay interest on debt to the private bankers who apparently control them and us. Our eyes tend to glaze over when we hear about the 16 trillions of dollars of debt that will be foisted on to the generations that are to follow, your grandchildren and mine.

Let me use some numbers we understand. Since 1997 U.S. Senators and their staff have spent $340,000 annually at the Senate Hair Care barbershop … that’s your money they spent. You know something about the cost of hair care and you have some visual of $340,000 per year. Hair care for the two senators in WV would equal $6,800, or $3400 per senator per year. I don’t know how many staff members they have, because that is beside the point. Why should we pay for anyone’s hair care, senator, staff member, or anyone else in government? We don’t pay for our mail carrier’s hair care, do we? What about the schoolteacher, do we pay for their hair care at the tune of $ 3400 per person per year like the senators, do we?

The legislative branch budget has increased 73 percent since 2000. The 2013 appropriations request is up 4.8 percent over 2012. Oh, what a deal, OPM! Our country is going down the toilet economically because of the accumulation of debt while politicians waste time on issues like gun control. Get real, gun control should be a non-issue; guns are not a problem, but out of control borrowing and spending by our politicians is a problem. How many times have politicians claimed they are working for the common man while spending $3400/senator/year on their haircuts with OPM? Hypocrite is too nice a word for our politicians in Washington.

Here is a hard cold fact; we are hypocrites too. We are bought off just like they are. What about all the federal money that goes to states and communities? I’m not talking about basic welfare to individual families; I mean the countless grants for everything from schools, to Homeland Security projects, to so-called “environmental issues.”

If I went into the Mountaineer Farm Center in Union, and told them I wanted $10,000 worth of fertilizer and feed, and asked them to charge it to my neighbor Larry Echols, or perhaps his children to pay, how would that work out for me? We know we can’t go to a local store and charge merchandize to the family that lives next door, but if we can hire some criminal to take money from others and give to us, then somehow that is okay. The criminals in Washington D.C. take money from some, and give it to others. Somehow we are comfortable with spending OPM in that manner. The point is, if the feds send us money we figure its okay for people in some other county or state to pay the bill. Are we victims; are we poor, helpless West Virginians who need politicians to steal from others and give to us while the nation is 16 trillion dollars in debt? We don’t have wealth to spread around; we have debt to spread around. We are coveting when we ask others to pay for our local projects, pure and simple. If anyone cares, the Bible says that’s contrary to God’s Law.

Speaking of the Bible, Esau for his appetite for a single meal gave up his birthright, and his descendants suffered for many generations. Has America given up the birthright of her fathers, the birthright of God-fearing, hard work, self-reliance, and integrity? Have we given up our birthright in exchange for a lust for more stuff bought with OPM for which our descendants will likely be relegated to a life of servitude to tyrants because of debt we incurred? America owes a huge debt to China for the money we have borrowed. China is right now buying up land, and the rights to oil and gas in the U.S. When American runs out of OPM, the debt bubble pops, and she can’t pay her debt to China, guess who will get rights to drill baby, drill in that day? It’s likely that the cry of “Drill baby, drill.” will be spoken in Chinese.

Dennis Rowan

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