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Too Many Taxes

I cancelled the service on a phone recently because the monthly taxes I was paying exceeded what the phone company charged for my use of the phone. The total amount of money involved was not so much the issue as was the fact that 52 percent of my bill was for taxes and 48 percent for the phone service. It was a matter of principle that prompted my decision. If it’s a 52% tax for speaking on a phone line today, then what will the tax be tomorrow on the air we breathe, or the fat we carry around on our bellies and buttocks? The government tax-tail is wagging the dog (we the people), and the dog is beginning to get agitated.

But it gets worse. When the people at the phone company found out why I was cancelling my phone (taxes too high), I was told the taxes could be waived if I was on “assistance.” Then the lady on the phone mentioned that Social Security qualified as “being on assistance.” Funny thing…working people pay into SS, and then you basically get labeled as a welfare recipient once you are old enough to collect. Anyway, I let the lady know that I didn’t approve of the concept of having my working neighbors pay more taxes just so people “on assistance” could get a free ride. Furthermore, I still work and still pay taxes to help finance programs spawned by politicians, especially the ruling class found in Washington, who have a socialist spread-the-wealth-around mentality that is likely to bury us all in the near future baring some radical changes.

Now I don’t mind when some fast food place gives this 70-year man a price break with the special “Senior” coffee…that’s good PR. (BTW Senior coffee should contain more caffeine). Sure, the younger crowd helps pay for my coffee, but they are not forced to do business there, and neither is the merchant forced to give me a discount. With the government, there is no choice. If they (local, state, and federal) want more money to establish new vote-buying programs, then they just might tack another charge on to your phone bill, or your groceries, your medicine, your car, your fuel, your business fees, the service you provide, your electric bill, your tobacco, and on and on it goes. If that doesn’t do the trick, then they just might borrow another fifteen trillion dollars, give or take five trillion, and saddle your grandchildren with the tab to be paid sometime after the scoundrels in government are dead and gone…nice plan the ruling class elites have for you and your family, huh?

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