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What a Difference 180 Years Can Make

Today, January 22 is the third anniversary of Cassia Rowan’s birthday. As her paternal grandparents, Glenda and I hope she has a happy birthday, and wish she lived close by so we could join in that celebration. Her birthday also reminds us that Cassia shares that anniversary with the US Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision that made it legal to kill unborn babies here in the United States. That decision was 37 years ago and it demonstrated that since Eve believed the lie and Adam failed to show leadership in his family that man is still trying to substitute his authority over God’s. In other words, man has from the beginning tried to be his own god. Choosing death over life for an innocent baby is a horror most Christians fail to comprehend.

I read several columns today written by Christians concerning the Roe vs. Wade anniversary. One that really caught my eye was entitled “Building Consensus on Life” by Joseph Farah at World Net Daily. Farah, a long-time journalist before he and his wife started the internet news site WND, gave some historical information about print media in the U.S. In 1830 the largest weekly newspaper was The New York Advocate. In fact about 75 percent of all content in all newspapers was of related to Christianity. Furthermore, more than 100 cities and towns throughout the U.S. had Christian newspapers.

Farah’s point is that we need to build consensus again to get back to the pro-life mindset, and in fact much of the new media is doing just that. I personally have a keen interest in the history of Christianity in order to get clues as to how and when we went wrong. Farah’s history of newspapers was new information, but certainly not surprising in light of what I have been reading in recent years concerning our Christian roots.

Cassia is three years old today, but has no concept of what 37 years would be. In fact most teens wouldn’t have much idea of 37 years either. Chances are Cassia will think her parents are old once they get to be 37. Most people probably only see history in terms of their own lifetime, and have difficulty understanding the relevance of looking back any earlier.

I am a firm believer in Christian schooling, and that training should cover the truth about Christianity including information about newspapers in past days. Is there anyone who believes accurate historical information about Christianity in America will ever be taught in public schools, including the positive effects of Christianity upon education in America? A more poignant question might be, “Who Cares?”

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Driving Under the Influence

I heard via radio today that teens spend 53 hours per week with electronic gadgets, texting, talking, video games, and other computer based activities. I don’t get off the farm very often so what I see out in the public makes a greater impression upon me than perhaps it does with others. I am amazed as to how many people are walking around with one hand stuck to their head with a phone glued to the hand. Last week I had my first near cell phone accident as a lady in a van served across the center into my lane. I saw clearly before she swerved that she was looking down at her phone just before she swerved.

Despite the physical dangers of driving under the influence of a handheld gadget, we Christians need to take inventory on time management for our own lives and the lives of our children concerning things of eternal importance. If a teen spends 53 hours weekly with an electronic gadget then how much time do we have to devote to discipleship of our children? It is not original with me, of course, but too many times we Christians seem to have a disconnect between our Christian life and other activities of this world. Famous Christian thinker the late Francis Schaeffer, referred to this as living our life in bits and pieces, as apposed to maintaining a constant Christian worldview mentality.

Consider the 53 hours in relation to total hours weekly; that is 32 percent of one’s time. If we consider 16 hours daily of time awake then the 53 hours represents 47 percent of that person’s time. Seriously, if we want to train our children to be disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ, then we need to substitute some of the gadget time for God time.

And, for the conclusion of the manner “under the influence” what then is important?

“Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the whole duty of man. (Eccl., 12:13)

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CIA to Measure Sea Ice?

According to a World Net Daily story today, Obama is having the Central Intelligence Agency use spy satellites to collect information concerning global warming. This would include measuring sea ice in the Arctic. Earth to Obama, earth to Obama … why not measure ice in the Florida orange groves until our globe gets a little warmer?

Do I understand correctly: After hundreds nearly lost their lives in a terrorist plot to blow up a plane while landing in Detroit, we now plan to have the CIA measure ice in the Arctic because global warming is a threat? Meanwhile, underwear checks of little old ladies are the defense we have for the next would-be panty bomber (Mark Stein’s description) getting ready to board a flight. AND, we will avoid the young male Muslim traveling alone with a one-way ticket he bought with cash, who is standing in the middle of the room.

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