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The “I Won” Prez is a Bigger One

Forty years ago when I was in graduate school at Virginia Tech I learned something significant about people who have been promoted. The Animal Science Department was in search of a new head. During a faculty meeting one of the older members made a statement that revealed to me something profound.

He basically said that when a man gets a promotion to a higher rank in the military, gets a promotion in his job, or perhaps gets elected to an important position then that man will become a bigger one of whatever he was before he was promoted. If he was a good guy before the promotion, he will be a great one in the elevated position. In other words, this will bring out the very best in the man because he has greater chance to show his greatness.

Unfortunately if a man is bad before getting promoted, he will be worse after the promotion. If he told fibs before being elevated he will tell outright lies afterwards. If he was a small time cheater previously, he will now be a mega-cheater.

President Barack Obama, I think, is certainly a bigger one now with the power than he was without the power. I will only mention one of his traits, his arrogance as in “I won.”

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