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Political Pragmatism versus Principles and the Palin Factor

The presidential race this year is interesting despite the fact McCain and Obama are the most unqualified pair to face off for the top elected office in the world that any of us has seen in our lifetime. Senators are not known for their expertise as administrators, and I don’t think we have had two senators running for president against one another any time during the past 100 years. Any who have been observant know that both McCain and Obama are products of biased media that influenced the voters.

Despite the criticism that Governor Sara Palin is not qualified for Vice President, she has certainly had more executive experience than McCain, Obama and Biden put together. Her record of challenging and winning against corrupt political and business types in Alaska is praiseworthy.

Lost is this year’s discussion, is the issue of illegal aliens who have been pouring over our borders at the rate of about 4000 per day. Obama doesn’t talk about this problem and neither does McCain. Why? They both obviously favor letting illegal’s come here. Why? Good question!

Last week I saw the transcript of a TV ad that McCain showed in about four states. I also heard the video; it was in Spanish. A few days later I heard the audio of a similar ad Obama had that was also in Spanish. Those born in this country should comprehend English by the time they attain voting age. Those who become naturalized citizens are supposed to be proficient in English. So, this all begs the questions, 1) Why are these two candidates showing TV ads in Spanish? 2) Are these ads directed at illegal aliens? 3) Why should either of these men be trusted to lead our great country?

My vote will be in protest to the media, and to both candidates. Most likely my vote will be a write in for Sarah Palin, a woman of courage, integrity, a rugged frontier type (bring home the moose and fry it in a pan) with a git-er-done attitude. Her ordinary background speaks to the masses. Her father was a teacher and her mother was a school secretary. Sarah was not born into politics, did not marry into it and she doesn’t have a law degree from some Ivy League college.

Her husband Todd, is a commercial fisherman, a union oil field worker, and champion show machine racer, a real he-man lacking the perfume and $400 haircuts of the metro-sexuals on the east coast. Todd and Sarah have five kids including a Down’s Syndrome baby boy Trig, reflecting their family and pro-life values. What’s not to like about Sarah Palin. Go Girl!

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