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Open Letter to My Washington Rep

Nick J. Rahall, II
Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515-4803

Dear Representative Rahall:

Thank you for answering my concerns with your April 29, 2008 letter. I appreciate the time taken to write to me. I was, however, very displeased with the replies you made to my letter. In short, you have insulted my intelligence with your statements.

You said, “…there is not enough oil there (ANWR) to make a dent in gas prices, and, it would simply continue our dependency on petroleum rather than develop viable alternatives such as coal-based liquid fuels.”

First, my question to you is, “Has the concept of free enterprise been completely forsaken by you and others serving in Washington?” How can you say more supply would not affect the cost of fuel, or as you say, “put a dent in gas prices.”? Would using our own oil not reduce the dependence on oil from all those countries that dislike the United States of America?

Secondly, you imply that the dependency upon petroleum is bad. Maybe at some point it will be, but for now we have millions who depend upon oil, America has oil, and you and other politicians are directly responsible for keeping the U.S. citizens from harvesting this valuable and much needed natural resource. Coal gasification may be fine some day, but get real, and let the oil that is available now be used now. We don’t know in whose back pocket you reside, but you are certainly not representing the average guy on the street, or the average farmer like me out standing in his field.

Dennis Rowan

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