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Blind, and Grinding Grain for the Enemy

“… the Philistines took him, and put out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza, and bound him with fetters of brass; and he did grind in the prison house.” (Judges 16:21)

The story of strongman Sampson is familiar to most Christians. The short version of his life is that an angel appeared to a barren woman and told her that she would give birth to a son. Among the instructions for the son born to her, Sampson was never to have his hair cut. According to the Scriptures he would grow up to “begin to save Israel from the Philistines.” (Judges 13:5)

Sampson did in fact, wreck havoc with the Philistines because of his God-given strength. However, Samson fell in love with the Philistine woman Delilah who tricked him into revealing that the strength would leave his body if his hair were cut. She cut his hair while he slept, the Lord departed from him, and he was captured by the Philistines.

The Scriptures say that the Philistines put out his eyes, bound him with shackles of brass, and he was forced to grind grain for the enemy. My, my, the price Sampson paid for his disobedience to God. For a short season of pleasure he forfeited his responsibility to help save Israel from the Philistines. Think about it, blind and grinding grain for the enemy!

When young people are taught in state-run (public) schools in America it is like the blind grinding grain for the enemy. Who is the enemy? Who is blind? What is meant by grinding grain for the enemy?

The enemy is the public school environment. In this day the argument doesn’t exist anymore. God is not allowed, Jesus Christ cannot be mentioned and anything remotely related the Christianity is forbidden in the public schools … practically every child is left behind. No child deserves such training; the idea of children of Christian parents being placed in such an environment is abhorrent.

The blind are parents, pastors and other Christian leaders who fail to see that God has departed from public schools just as surely as Sampson lost his power when his hair was cut off.

How is grain being ground for the enemy? Raw whole grain is a great source of energy, but must be processed before it can be utilized. Grinding of the grain is simply an early step in the processing of the grain kernel so it can then be used in a variety of food products.

Our children and grandchildren represent the raw product that will become educated adults who may, or may not be productive for the cause of Jesus Christ. Think of Samson’s purpose, “begin to help save Israel out of the hands of the Philistines” Picture this: a six-year old child begins a 12-year grind, blinded, and going in circles moving a stone to produce for the enemy. I submit to the reader that the many years of indoctrination of young people in public schools is nothing more than grinding grain for the enemy, producing adults who are a part of the Philistine camp. Attitudes about abortion, homosexuality, and global warming, to name a few, do not come from the Christian home, do they?

Sampson’s blindness at the hands of the enemy came from his disobedience to God. In fact, he should never have flirted with the Philistine woman in the first place. Are Christians blinded by the enemy because of disobedience? What does God’s Word say about training our children? Sending the kids to public schools is like flirting with the enemy. It will only increase the chances of becoming blind to God’s clear directions. After that, it’s grinding for the enemy, producing adherents to the vain philosophies of the system which trained them for 12 years.

His children deserve better and each one of us needs to do his part to keep them out of the camp of the enemy. Do you have a purpose similar to that of Sampson, to help save some out of the hands of the Philistines?

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