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President of the USA or Last Comic Standing?

Reasonably informed people in America must pinch themselves every day or two to verify that they are alive and awake. The candidates for president this year must surely provide comedic relief for people outside the US. We America’s must cry most of the time but occasionally laugh at these candidates to keep from loosing our sanity, or perhaps to prove that we have already done so.

If it’s not Barack Hussein or Hill Rodham it is John Sidney. Of course John Sidney says it is not appropriate to use Barack’s middle name. In fact, his exact words were, “I absolutely repudiate such comments.”

Rodham on Hussein, “There’s nothing to be gained,” Hillary said, “by repeating Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama. It’s as immature as noting the similarity between the name Obama and Osama bin Laden.” Hill only uses her last name because it has more power among the voting lemmings who like her husband.

Anyway this blog entry apparently reflects my immaturity and needs to be absolutely repudiated. Hey, I’m just seeking relief!

So Hill says she had to duck her head and run when sniper fire came at her in Bosnia. When caught in a lie with video to prove differently then it was a memory thing. Yeah. Sounds more like something an immature five-year old would fabricate.

That’s a good reason we do NOT want Hillary as president; she has a poor memory. I Googled “don’t remember hillary” and got 4.25 million. Well okay, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt; perhaps she has a good memory. Of course, if that’s the case, she then has to be called a pathological liar just like her husband. Perhaps that is one of two things they have in common. Their lust for power is the other.

What about comic Hussein. First he didn’t know his pastor of 20 years ever made controversial remarks. Then the pastor was just like an old uncle. As Hussein’s lies caught up with him, then he said he didn’t attend church on the days those video’s were made. Finally Hussein dug a rat hole deep enough to hide in just like that other Hussein. But he didn’t hide; instead he gave what some called a historic speech, even though he trashed his white grandmother in the process and said she was a typical white person. Since Hussein gave a definition of a typical white person, he should also explain what a typical black person is like.

John Sidney doesn’t get so much coverage these days but he is still trying to convince us he is conservative and that he got the message on immigration. Yes John Sidney we hear, but do not believe.

When the votes are all in this November who do you think will be the last comic standing?

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