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What Do the Numbers Tell Us?

Do your eyes glaze over a bit anytime you see or hear about the money spent by our federal government? Mine do. People who need $78 to pay an electric bill just have trouble grasping what 45 million dollars looks like, or three trillion.

The best way for me to grasp the big numbers is by comparison. I remember when some politicians were complaining about the $40 million price tag for the investigation of Bill Clinton’s activities by the Kenneth Starr team. The critics were letting us know that was a lot of money. Well it was. But then so was the MORE THAN $40 million spent by Clinton on one trip to China than included approximately 1000 total people. You and I both know 40 million is still a large number, but proper perspective helps us act sane on some days.

Here is a recent one than puts me on the sanity/insanity edge. You recall how Americans hounded congress last summer to reject the amnesty bill they had on a roll. They reluctantly behaved themselves by rejecting the bill and did come up with one that included building some fence on the border with Mexico. Some complained about the 2.2 billion dollar price tag. I know, your vision is dimming as your eyes begin to glaze.

Here’s the kicker, the reason I wrote this blog entry. In a U.S. Department of State document dated October 22, 2007 the Bush (Jorge) administration pledged to give Mexico 1.4 billion dollars so Mexico could control illegal traffic on its southern border. Yes that means the southern border of Mexico, not U.S.A.

I did not make this up. The title of the document is “Joint Statement on the Merida Initiative: A New Paradigm for Security Cooperation.” New paradigm? Security? Give me a break; that’s another blog for another day. In case you are still not convinced here is where you can find the document,

That’s all this time amigo; adios.

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Teaching Children God’s Way

“These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” (Deut 6:6-7)

Practically every speaker predicted that it is a matter of when, not if, public schools will implode, collapse, become totally irrelevant, and loose public tax support.

Three years ago I attending a conference in Washington, D.C. attended by people who believe we should get our children out of public schools. Most, but not all who attended, were Christians. Few of the speakers would have heard the presentations of all others, so it was obvious to me that each speaker arrived at his conclusion independently.

Getting kids out of school should not be the main objective; following God’s instruction as shown in the Bible is sufficient reason to homeschool or send children to a private Christian school.

However, for those who are not convinced, just stay tuned to the news. One hellish thing after another about public schools seems to hit the news every few days. One of the latest was a report about a school in Iowa (good ole conservative mid-west) that had a gender bender day where students cross-dressed. Is it just me and a few others, or is the silent majority wondering when all this gender identity, homosexual, transgender, you-name-it perversion stuff will stop? Or, at least lighten up so normal people can take a deep breath.

As a percentage of the profession, which group of people sends more of their children to private schools? Public school teachers do, that’s who. Can we get a clue here? If public school teachers see a problem with state run schools, then perhaps we have a problem. In fact among the many tell-all books by former teachers is one recently released called “Legally Stupid: Why Johnny doesn’t have to read” by R.C. Murray.” Check it out.

The decision to homeschool can be a quick one for parents because the transition can be completed quickly. If you wait until someone starts a Christian school nearby, then it might take a while. At any rate, Christians need to be clear about what God says. Hint: he does not say anything about Caesar training our children.

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Interesting, Laughable, Disgusting and Sad

Editor Craig Mohler told me he didn’t publish my letter because of the reference I made about Obama’s church.  And, he also told me that he planned to vote for Obama. (this was in February before primaries and before the Nov 2008 elections)  What can I say: Mohler and a lot of other deceived and/or  ignorant people  put Obama in the White House.


The candidates for the 2008 presidential race are proving to be interesting, laughable, disgusting and sad. Among the top four candidates we have the angry white male candidate, the gender candidate, the skin color candidate, and the Mayberry guy. Two of the four are very likable, and the other two very unlikable. All four have a lust for power, are tax and spend big government liberals.

Obama is charming, seems to be intelligent, but very windy. Windy, meaning he could likely talk all day without saying anything. No one is talking about the fact that he attends a black supremacy church. We would hear the screams if that were turned around, a white candidate who attends a white supremacy church. For those who will vote based on his dark skin color, his bumper sticker slogans, and 10-second sound bites, he is a choice candidate who fits their depth.

While Obama has charm and skin color as long suits, Hillary is a candidate because she had a charming husband who already served eight years as president. Some women say they will vote for her because she is a woman and that it is time for a woman to be president. She brags about having 35 years of experience. Experience doing what, putting the quietus on all those bimbo eruptions? She has tons of baggage, most filled with dirty laundry.

As soon as John McCain became the obvious front-runner in the Republican race he started repeating himself trying to convince others that he is a conservative. He is conservative like Ted Kennedy. George W. Bush put the Republican Party on life support and McCain is fighting furiously to pull the plug. Frankly I wish both Bush and McCain would just resign their jobs right now and go to Mexico and do some job that the Mexicans won’t do.

Good ole boy Huckabee, like Obama, sounds good. In many ways I would prefer him over the other three although odds makers say he doesn’t have a chance. He is a former pastor, but in my opinion has some twisted theology that prevents me from thinking he would be good for our country. His record as governor in Arkansas shows that he thinks compassion is government taking care of the down trodden. He bent over backwards to encourage illegal aliens to come to Arkansas so he could give them government freebies. Huck even tried to give in-state college tuition rates to children of illegal aliens. The Bible instructs individuals to take care of the poor. Jesus did not say governments have such responsibilities. It is not the government’s responsibility to tax you and give the money to others. Huckabee’s advocating that government take the place of individual Christian compassion is wrong. It is what it is, depending of course, upon what the meaning of is is.

There is not much we can do to prevent a liberal from gaining control of the White House this year, but we should do every thing we can to vote for people in other offices who advocate individual responsibility and small government.

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