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Press One for Spanish

Press one for Spanish.
Press two for English
Press three if you would like to have a new President and a new Congress.

If I thought it would produce results, I would press three. The elite elected politicians in Washington are becoming more arrogant and more bold every year as they slowly but surely destroy the fabric that has made America such a great nation.

The Bush Administration working behind closed doors with Ted Kennedy and other Senate members have formulated a bill that would give amnesty to about 20 million illegal aliens and open the door for about 60 million more during the next 20 years. It is an insulting slap in the face to American citizens. Such an invasion by people who do not appear to want to adapt to our culture will create more havoc than we have now.

Most of the illegals who have invaded our country at its southern border are Mexicans who are low skilled and poorly educated. According to the Heritage Foundation 66 percent of illegals in America are low skilled contrasted with 10 percent of native born Americans who have low skill. That means a tremendous cost to our tax-paying citizens for all the social welfare freebies from Uncle Sam. Heritage calculated that excluding the cost of education for these illegals, it will cost taxpayers $4,400 yearly per illegal more than they will pay in taxes. It will cost us trillions more than these people would contribute to our country. Why not take all the homeless in Washington, D.C. and move them into the White House, maybe the Oval Office?

Don’t forget that those six men who plotted to kill our soldiers at Fort Dix recently were illegals and three of them came here across the Mexican border at Brownsville, TX. Our politicians want to give these types legal status?

Each year approximately 4300 people in America are murdered by illegals. About the same number are killed by drunk drivers who are here illegally.

Conveniently, just before the elections last fall, Congress voted to build 700 miles of double fence along our border with Mexico. To date they have built about two miles of that fence. Let your senators and the White House what you expect them to do.

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Arrogance or Ignorance?

Editor Craig Mohler told me he didn’t publish my letter printed here because he does not like Rush Limbaugh. (Harry Reid and 40 other Democrat Senators ddidn’t like Rush either.)  So much for objective journalism by Mohler, who more than likely just doesn’t like to see Democrats exposed for who they are.  Ironically, Democrats in Washington tried to silence Limbaugh, and the editor of our small weekly newspaper wanted me silenced for my little “Letter to the Editor.”


A recent Zogby poll revealed that the U.S. Congress has an approval rate of only 11 percent. The behavior of Harry Reid, Majority Leader of the Senate, and 40 other Democrat senators earlier this month is an excellent example as to why they have such a low approval rate.

Reid wrote a letter to Clear Channel Communication’s CEO demanding that he repudiate conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh for comments he supposedly made on his radio program. Limbaugh, along with his 20 million listeners, represents a threat to the power of liberal lawmakers over the American people. More than enough proof was available to show that the Reid’s accusation was based upon an outright lie. Nevertheless Reid and 40 other senators signed the letter and sent it to CEO Mark Mays. It was bad enough to lie, but worse was the attempt of 41 U.S. senators to use their position of power to intimate a private citizen. Can you say, “Waste of taxpayer money, and abuse of power.”?

If the most powerful governing body in the most powerful country in the world will do such an outrageous thing in broad daylight, what on earth are they doing behind closed doors to gain more control over your life and mine? I lament that I lack the vocabulary necessary to adequately describe these Washington politicians. And it doesn’t matter whether their actions were rooted in arrogance or ignorance. Either way they are dangerous!

Limbaugh, more intelligent and more honorable than the 41 senators, turned the tables on them. Mark Mays let Limbaugh have the original letter to auction off on eBay with the proceeds going to a military charity to help children. Listed for one week on eBay, the letter sold for 2.1 million dollars, plus Limbaugh matched that amount out of his own pocket giving the charity a total of 4.2 million dollars.

With the bright light of truth shining on Reid’s stupid actions, he didn’t have the good sense to run to a dark corner and hide. Instead, during the last hour of the auction when the bid had exceeded 2 million, Reid stood on the Senate floor and tried to claim credit for helping raise the money for the charity. The letter sold for 2.1 million for the cause of free speech, the very thing Reid and his buddies were trying to suppress. In the name of free speech with my limited vocabulary I say throw the bums out! Considering the dismal record and low approval rating of the Senate we should not stop at 41; I think 100 ousted senators is a good round number.

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Message, Messenger and PDWTHAT

“All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 10:22)

When Jerry Falwell went home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ last week many of the demons sent from hell to earth were aroused. I made little attempt to look for the vicious attacks on the life of Jerry Falwell, but I saw plenty second hand. It is difficult to believe that even following his death so many people could say such vile things about Jerry Falwell. The attacks on him were bad enough while he still lived on this earth. So much of the reporting of his death last Tuesday centered upon how he made such controversial statements. Very little was said by the mainstream media about his noteworthy accomplishments. But then why would a heathen think that the founding and direction of a great university (Liberty) to the honor and service to Jesus Christ be a great accomplishment?

Many loved to point out that Falwell was controversial. What a pity that the world does not have more men who could be called controversial for the same reason he was. The truth is Falwell was not controversial, but his message was. He was a messenger who proclaimed God’s Word without apology, alteration, dilution or deletion. Jesus said men will hate you because of me(Jesus). Jerry Falwell knew that, and he never compromised God‘s Word when he spoke. He stood firm to the end.

Unfortunately many men who claim to be a messenger for God seem to like deleting part of the message. This is especially true of those who are a part of the church growth movement (CGM). And what is the CGM? It could be called the congregational growth movement, because for many it means “How can we get more people to come in the doorways of our church building?”

On a national night time TV program Joel Osteen, pastor of America’s largest congregation, was asked about sin. He said that people don’t want to hear about that. (PDWTHAT). How revealing is that? What does that say about the Joel Osteen ministry? Unfortunately Osteen is just one among thousands of pastors who do not believe the Bible is the Word of God. In fact, the Barna Research Group conducted a survey that revealed that only about half the pastors in America consider the Bible to be the Truth.

Those who are a part of the CGM tend to have the PDWTHAT philosophy. This has spawned the seeker friendly emphasis fostering goat-gathering in a sheep pasture. Homosexuality is a sin as stated in the Bible, but there are entire congregations that cater to PDWTHAT homosexuals. We could make a long list of PDWTHAT sins, but you get the point.

What about you and me? Will we read parts of the Bible and say ”PDWTHAT”, or will we deliver the Message as given by The Messenger?

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