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Cheering for the Home Team

Do Christians really cheer for the home team, the seat of their loyalty, or do they choose sides based upon who will likely win? Christians can learn something from the sports fan. Last night was an unusual situation for this basketball fan. West Virginia University beat North Carolina State and are now one of the final four teams to meet in Madison Square Garden competing for the championship in the National Invitational Tournament (NIT). Since I graduated from both schools I could be pleased with either as the winner. However, I have greater loyalty to WVU.

Many Christians lack such loyalty. What do I mean by that statement? First of all, anyone who graduates from more than one college will always have undying loyalty to that college where they obtained their undergraduate degree. If you graduated from Podunk University and were in a game with the number one team in the nation you would cheer for Podunk even if your odds to win were a thousand to one. Christians who are activists in politics often fail to cheer for the home team, Christianity.

Let me explain more. Have you noticed how some high profile Christians are looking at Republican presidential candidates and are trying to pick the one who most nearly meets Christian standards? The mentality of these people is that in a two party system we Christians must choose someone in one of the two parties because a third party candidate would never win. Pragmatism trumps loyalty to Christian values.

I say Christians should either vote for someone who has Christian values or let everyone else decide upon the lesser of two evils. In other words, vote principles or don’t vote.

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Are You Monogendered?

I know, I know, you probably don’t know the meaning of the word monogendered? Don’t feel too bad, Microsoft’s Word spellchecker doesn’t know either. I just learned the term yesterday, and I am monogendered.

Being upset about all the madness about gender identity, I googled those two words and found there were more than 33 million references to gender identity. If I could have googled “gender identity in 1955, I would have likely gotten a few dozen. In those days we knew that about half the people were male and the other half female with an occasional morphrodite (hermaphrodite) passing through town with a carnival. Let me point out that the hermaphrodite is born that way because of a genetic aberration whereby a person has both primary sex organs.

Today there are dozens of terms that have been invented by people with aberrant behaviors, which are not likely inherited. These behaviors come from choices people make.

My google search lead me to a glossary of terms about sexual and gender identity. It had four pages of such terms as “gender dysphoria,” which is “Unhappiness or discomfort experienced by one whose sexual organs do not match one’s gender identity.” And by the way, monogendered according to their definition is, “One who is comfortable in only one gender role.” Well duh, yes I am comfortable in ONLY ONE gender role.

This kind of stuff is humorous on the surface, but otherwise America has some very sick people, and not all of them are confused about their own gender. I don’t know if there is anything worse than sitting down in a “hear no evil, see no evil” mode knowing our young children are being fed lies like this.

Christians, among all peoples, know the source of truth and it is not in the public schools, major news media sources, TV, movies, and pop songs. If your pastor doesn’t take the lead, then leave him sitting on his pulpit furniture and start doing something youself.

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Intolerance of the Tolerance Crowd

General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made a comment the other day saying he thought homosexual behavior was immoral. It sent the politically correct crowd into orbit. You can expect the homosexual activist groups to be upset, but it is sad that many heterosexual (I guess) politicians chimed in with an open rebuke toward Pace.

Nancy Pelosi put in her two cents. And by the way, two cents would be about maximum for anything she might say. How on earth did we get to a place in America where someone like her would become Speaker of the House? Well I’m off track here.

The people who want you and me to be tolerant of their beliefs and perverted behavior will not be tolerant of our opinions if we use the Bible as our guide. The righteousness of God will not share the same space with their dark lost soul.

The Bible says homosexual behavior is perverted. I know a lot of people including many who sit in church pews do not believe the Bible, but hey, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, a theology professor, or a PhD in zoology to understand that males having sex with other males is NOT NORMAL.

Interestingly enough the same people who believe homosexuality is okay and normal for some people are the same ones who believe in evolution. I just wonder how the evolutionists explain homosexuals, or vice versa.

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