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Idol Camp, That Figures

A few days ago I heard about a camp sponsored by the American Idol TV show that is called Idol Camp. The camp is for young kids 12-15, or something close to that. That certainly is consistent with American pop culture right now, training our young kids to attempt to be an American idol.

The thing that struck me so about this announcement is that the timing was appropriate. I mean it was appropriate considering all the headlines for the past few weeks about Anna Nicole Smith and Brittany Spears. Both of these young women were idols of sorts, they captured headlines for their unusual behavior and then bottomed out. Smith died at age 39 of unknown causes at this point, and Spears had most of her head shaved and was in and out of a rehab center three times in one week. Smith has been dead for about three weeks, and courtroom shenanigans have yet to put closure to the question, “Where should Anna Nicole be buried?”

My point is that we do not need to send 12-year old kids to camp to train to be American idols. The Hollywood types and the rock stars may make the headlines, and they may make lots of money, but why would any adult want to encourage youngsters to enter careers where disastrous side effects seem to be commonplace?

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Is The Democrat Party Now Complete?

Every levelheaded Democrat in America should pause long enough to observe all those who are connected to the party. It seems every aberrant group in America is attached in some way.

The Democrat Party is home to animal rights groups, the sexually disoriented groups, the NOW gang, the environmental nuts, communists, socialists, and in general all who seem to hate America. The latest action of the party to show their consistency is that they had a Muslim Imam give the invocation at the Democratic National Committee winter meeting. That was probably appropriate come to think of it, “winter meeting of Democrats.”

Husham AL-Husainy who delivered the convocation prayer heads a large Shiite mosque in Dearborn, MI. He has ties to radical Shiites in Iraq who are terrorizing Christians there.

I am not surprised that Democrats would do that, and to be honest, the Republican Party is just a couple steps behind in selling out our country, which was founded on Christian principles. Sadly, too many who call themselves Christian do not see anything wrong with a prayer to Allah.

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Disciple Your Daughter

I first met Joe Crickenberger when he was a college student. He would attend our church during holidays alone. Having a certain affinity for college students after having spent 20 years on college campuses, I got acquainted with Joe when I could because we also shared a common interest in agriculture. In fact, Joe was then an Ag student at West Virginia University where I completed my undergraduate degree in agriculture. Fast-forward about 20 years: Joe and his 17-year old daughter Sarah are in Honduras for the next several days as part of a work mission team.

I have a strong belief that parents should do all they can to give their children a missionary trip experience, particularly to a Third World country. And, I think it is more effective if at least one parent goes with that son or daughter. To send your child to get a certain experience is one thing, but to show you have a genuine interest in the mission work, for example, is important. Do as I do, not do as I say.

I met Joe about the same time I took some men to Nicaragua for a mission trip. It was years later after Joe had married Kim, and they started raising a family that Joe went on one of our mission trips. He liked it, and now a few years later he and Sarah are on a trip together.

As a side bar note Glenda and I asked Joe to be one of a few people to meet with us to plan a local camp program to help others. That was in 1993. It was Joe who suggested the acronym SAW, which stands for Servants At Work. Thanks Joe.

Another side bar: Steve Hancock a mutual friend that Joe and I have is also on the same trip with his daughter Josie. Discipleship; doing things with your children.

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