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Bush’s Cut and Run at the Mexican Border Policy

In mid May, 2006 we got news that about 6000 National Guard members were being sent to our southern border. We were told that they would not likely be armed and that they would not have any duties to enforce control of illegal aliens crossing the border. We were told that the Guard would be helping build roads and fences. Most of us no doubt thought such a measure was nothing more than political posturing to make us think our government actually wants to control the border. Hey, we are not stupid.

Recently about a dozen armed people came across our southern border with our National Guard troops in full view. The word is that the Guard cut and run. Well, as George Bush said when asked if any Democrats used that language concerning Iraq, “cut and run” was not the exact language. Nonetheless, our Guard troops got in their vehicles and moved out of the area avoiding conflict with the weapon tote’n, bullet proof vest wearing Mexicans.

A spokesman for the Arizona National Guard Major Paul Aquirre said, “We don’t apprehend. We don’t detain. We don’t transport.” What are they guarding, their lunch? Sounds like we should remove the word “guard” from National Guard. So I wonder, what does it cost to keep 6000 boys scouts on our southern border?

The Bush Administration continues to act as though American citizens are the least important people in this Mexican border disaster. Bush seems more intent to please Mexican authorities than the average America. He desires to appease large companies by allowing them to employ illegals. Bush does like to give the allusion that he has your best interest at heart when he sent the troops to the Mexican border, but his cut and run policy exposes the truth; you are not important to him.

Of course, cut and run would have kept two brave Border Patrol agents out of jail. American citizens should hound the White House until Bush pardons the two agents who were put in jail recently while the Mexican doper found with about 750 pounds of illegal drugs was given immunity for testifying (telling lies) about the agents. Information is surfacing almost daily showing the agents were not guilty as charged.

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Grandchild Number Ten

Cassie Marie Rowan, born January 22, is now home and being enjoyed by all.  Shown with Cassia are parents Mark and Jenny, and older sister Elena Kay.

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School: Religious Freedom or Christian Responsibility

I have a lot of respect for Jerry Falwell at several different levels, but he has missed opportunities to do the right thing for many years. In his column today at he repeated a theme he often discusses, religious freedom in public schools.

I have heard many Falwell messages over the decades but I have never heard him strongly advocate the formation of more Christian schools or suggest that parents homeschool their children. Falwell has put a lot of energy into fighting for the religious freedom in public schools including the formation of Liberty Counsel, an organization with lawyers who challenge the discrimination against Christians in public schools.

Falwell has several ministries including Liberty University and k-12 Lynchburg Christian Academy. Both are excellent schools. I am guessing that the reason Falwell does not promote homeschooling or the formation of more Christian schools is that he doesn’t want to offend public school teachers who help finance his ministries. If that is so, it is a poor reason. The other possibility is that Falwell actually believes his work in the public schools is more valuable.

Whatever Falwell’s motive is I see the work in public schools much like trying to infiltrate the enemy camp and train their troops. There has to be a better way in this day, and that my friend is homeschool and private Christian schools. Of course, this will not be successful until a large majority of pastors, and especially the high profile ones like Falwell, make an aggressive public effort to promote and finance such schools. FINANCE, that’s it, finance; pastors already have ideas about what they want to do with the money that comes into their storehouse.

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