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Baccalaureate Alter Call

Below is a letter written to the editor of the Monroe Watchman in Union, WV. People who write anonymous letters who also claim to be Christian, and then proceed to say things contrary to Christian beliefs need to be answered. For too long we Christians have shrugged our shoulders and tried to ignore such people. Anonymous or otherwise they need to be challenged because others are apt to believe their warped ideas.

I write this in reference to a letter in the June 25th edition of the Watchman from someone who identified themselves as a Christian with Anonymous Grandmother as the signature. I take opposition to essentially everything she stated in that letter.

She stated that she had attended the Baccalaureate for the James Monroe graduating class of 2006 and was appalled of the church service, especially the “Alter Call.” Then she implied that such a service would have been disrespectful of non-Christians present. Furthermore she said the service should have been ecumenical.

One dictionary definition of baccalaureate is a sermon to a graduating class. And the word “ecumenical” means promoting Christian unity. If the speaker gave the Gospel message without promoting himself, some organization, or someone other than Jesus Christ, I don’t see a problem. And, an alter call would honor God and provide an opportunity to change some lives for an eternity. Let me tell you what is appalling.

Twenty years ago while serving as a Monroe County School board member I picked up an American History text book that had only 18 words about Jesus Christ, yet there were three pages about Islam. What an outrageous portrayal of the history of religion in America!

Want to know what else is appalling? When young girls leave a school campus without knowledge, or consent from parents to have an abortion, that’s what’s appalling.

I tell you what is appalling; it’s the fact that more than 60,000 public schools have been sent videos from homosexual activist groups trying to put a smiley face on sexual behavior considered abnormal by critical thinkers over the entire world for thousands of years.

I tell you what is appalling; it’s the fact that one of the most anti-Christian organizations in America is the National Education Association, particularly the leadership at the top.

The Gospel message is about man’s sin nature and a Redeemer who has paid the price for our sins. When Jesus walked the earth his message offended some so much that they had him killed. The Gospel message always offends the non-Christian until the Holy Spirit convicts the sinner; he repents, and accepts Jesus Christ as Savior. Gospel means Good News. Non-Christians are living a bad news life and headed for worse, which is eternal separation from God in a place called Hell. That’s based upon what the Bible says, not my personal opinion. I say the Good News is great for our children even if the high school baccalaureate is the only time they hear it. Eternity is a long time, especially if separated from God.

Dennis Rowan
Gap Mills

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