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Choosing Battles for our Children

Just about the time you think you have seen stupid reach a new low with liberals like the American Civil Liberties Union you hear about another case. We can fight to do something about ignorance, but fighting stupidity is not wise; it is not worth the effort. Most of us are probably getting a little numb hearing about all the weird decisions being made by government employees and lawsuits filed by the ACLU against God-fearing Americans. Actually, the crux of the problem lies in whether or not people fear God. The ACLU and their supporters hate God and they could care less about your liberties.

Recently Brittany McComb, of Foothill High School in Clark County, Nevada was delivering her valedictorian speech when school administrators cut off her microphone. Why? She said God was the biggest part of her life and “…I wanted to thank my Lord and Savior.” One school official said her speech entered the realm of “preaching.” The Nevada ACLU praised the school officials. Ironically, prior to Brittany’s mention of God, she said the school taught her freedom of speech. (Like you are free to say what you want, but if you mention Jesus we’ll cut your mike off.)

Stupid showed its ugly head again recently in another school. This case involved an eight-year girl who was told she could not sing “Our God is an Awesome God” in the school’s talent program. These two cases are just two of countless examples of how public officials in schools and other governmental positions have literally thumbed their proverbial noses at God. Christians react in three different ways.

Christian response No. 1. Some are wondering why God does not reinstitute some of the methods described in the Old Testament hoping God would send a bolt of lightening to the worst offenders.

Christian response No. 2. A second reaction by Christians is to fight back at the secular decision-makers to get new laws that favor Christians, or more accurately, they want the law properly interpreted so that Christians are not unjustly censored when they invoke the name of Jesus, or when some Christian symbol is displayed. This fight may involve such things as political campaigning and using lawyers to file lawsuits against those who make anti-Christian decisions. Think again if you are of the opinion that Christians on a public school board will have a major impact toward teaching Christian principles.

Christian response No. 3. A third Christian reaction is to take responsibility to train the next generation using the Bible as the basic guide combined with many other teaching materials especially prepared to provide a Christian education. This education may come from a private Christian school or by homeschooling. This is, by far, the superior response from Christians.

American has gone through about 70 years of training that says the government is our provider. That’s why some Christians pick their fights in the political arena; they wish to affect lawmakers so the Christian viewpoint will be reflected in the law. In other words the intent is to coerce the government via the vote to apply the Christian principles in schools and other governmental policies. It is not an unwise thing for Christians to have a strong voice in civic affairs, but there is a better, more direct way to go to battle.

I look at it this way; if your babysitter steals things from your house each time she is there, you don’t try the reform method after this has happened two dozen times. Consider public schools as your babysitter (pun intended). What they are stealing from your child is of far more value than anything God has placed under your care. You don’t try to reform the sitter; you get a new sitter.

Christians, get your children out of the public schools. Pastor, be proactive, lead the flock, encourage parents to homeschool, start a Christian school or give financial support to one in your community. If you want to go battle the enemy, you must first train the troops. You won’t do that so long as your recruits are getting instructions in the enemy camp six hours a day five days a week. Parents and pastors are not being realistic if they think a couple hours in a church building each week can match the enemy’s assault on our children.

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