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Lawmakers Assisting Lawbreakers

Polls show that a vast majority of Americans know we have a serious problem with illegal aliens, particularly those who cross over our border with Mexico. I was very disturbed during the last presidential election campaign that both candidates completely ignored talking about this problem. Instead, US citizens were bombarded with information that focused on which candidate had the weaker military record dating back 30 years ago.

A few days ago in the Denver airport, an 83-year-old woman in a wheel chair was forced to get out of the chair and walk to a pre-flight screening area. This procedure supposedly picks out people at random for more extensive screening. I have had this screening and it is very thorough. Accompanied by her daughter, this 83-year-old suffered from dementia due to a stroke and had hip problems. She had doctor’s orders not to walk or stand, and she carried an orthopedic card saying she had a metal plate in her hip. Shaking down little old ladies is a part of our Department of Homeland Security procedures established after 9/11/91. Your tax dollars fund this type foolishness.

Meanwhile about 6,000 people, mostly Mexicans, cross our border with Mexico ILLEGALLY every day. That’s two million per year. Could some of those crossing our borders desire to do us harm? There’s a Bible verse, Matthew 23:24 that accurately describes our government’s mentality on homeland security, “You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.” Which do you think is a greater risk to our nation, an 83-old woman in a wheel chair or two million people entering our country unlawfully each year?

Illegal alien advocates talk about the value of cheap labor provided to employers. The employers may get some benefit, but these illegals are costing the average hard working middle class citizen big bucks. Each illegal alien costs American taxpayers $2700 more per year than they contribute to our economy. The estimated lifetime deficit is more than $55,000. In California alone there are 84 hospitals that have gone bankrupt, largely due to laws that say no one can be refused treatment in an emergency room. Illegals go to the ER for their medical care, pay nothing for the service and the hospital eventually has to close the doors to all. Do you think this can affect the price of your health care and insurance?

Each year about 300,000 pregnant women sneak across our borders and give birth in the US. The child automatically becomes an American citizen. The mother and child then dip heavily into multiple American taxpayer funded welfare benefits. These are called anchor babies because they anchor the family in America. Do you think this could raise your taxes? This law was passed after the Civil War to ensure that blacks born to former slaves would have citizenship. It was good law then, but bad law now because it encourages pregnant women to cross our borders illegally.

People are scratching their heads trying to figure why a majority of people see a problem that our politicians ignore. A good example is John McCain, Republican Senator from Arizona, one of the Border States having severe problems. He is a strong advocate of instituting a guest worker program for those who have already broken our laws to get into America. Phoenix, AZ is so overrun with illegals that it has become the car jacking capitol of the world. In one year’s time 57,600 cars were stolen in Phoenix. How incredible is that? If we had that many cars stolen in the entire state of West Virginia it would average more than 1000 cars stolen per county per year. I wonder if that affects car insurance rates.

People who have entered our land illegally commit 29 percent of the crimes in America. Why do most politicians want to call these illegals “guest” workers? They enter the US illegally and we call them guests? And what about the nonsensical statement that some, including President Bush, make in calling them “undocumented” workers? They are illegal aliens, pure and simple. Besides, a lot of them have documents; forged drivers licenses and social security ID.

Border States are not the only ones having problems. In Denver, CO the public schools have a 65 percent dropout rate, largely due to the Hispanics enrolled who cannot speak English. Teacher turnover is high as you would expect. North Carolina has one million illegal aliens. Dalton, GA elementary schools have more non-English speaking students than those who do speak the one language that served the USA well for more than 200 years. It costs taxpayers an extra $1200 each year per illegal alien in school for the bilingual education. And there is a tremendous expense for adult illegal bilingual information. You and other taxpayers foot the bill for about $30 billion each year to provide forms, ballots, interpreters and brochures for languages other than English. Furthermore, the “Press one for English, press two for Spanish,” is both annoying and insulting. How clear cut and ridiculous is it that you pay higher taxes to provide bilingual teachers and other government workers, plus all the bilingual paperwork so that people who enter our country illegally can communicate with those English speaking people who are here legally? What is happening to America?

Perhaps the most ridiculous type law that panders to illegals is the one that allows illegal aliens to attend college paying in-state tuition. That is available in some states. People break our laws to get into the United States and then attend college for less cost than students from a neighboring state. How would you feel if your son or daughter had to pay more for tuition than someone who got into this country illegally? Do you think this can affect the cost of education for US citizens?

Frankly it is a bit disgusting to hear politicians say it is a complex problem and that they don’t know how to control the border. How about a fence? How about putting part of our military on the border? My understanding is that America has military troops in more than 100 countries throughout the world. We have 37,000 troops on the border between North and South Korea. We’ve been guarding that border for more than 50 years. We can’t control the border we have with Mexico? Maybe we CAN control the border, but we a majority of elected leaders who don’t care to control the borders.

The issue is not really so much about the cheaters who cross our borders, because life in America is so much greater than in their homeland. They see an opportunity and take it. Although we should still treat these people as lawbreakers, the real issue is the corrupt politicians who so willingly sell out America by making decisions that ignore the majority of American citizens. They make decisions that are favorable to a few elites who control the strings to money bags for our elected officials. If the Congress passes an amnesty bill for these illegals, they will simply be rewarding bad behavior of those who ignore our laws. If we continue to elect the same lawmakers who assist lawbreakers, we likewise will be rewarding bad behavior, or worse. Give your senators and your representative a call, or sent a note. Tell them you want them to stop the invasion of illegal aliens and deport those who are already here.

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