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How We Deny Jesus Christ in America

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”

A few days ago I read about a Christian man in Ethiopia who was riding a bus when some Muslims stopped the vehicle and had all passengers exist. Then everyone was asked to recite a Muslim statement of faith saying, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.” All but the Christian did so. He said, “Jesus is Lord.” The Muslims then shot him in the head.

This type story has apparently been repeated many times in some countries where Islam is the predominant religion. Knowing that, it puzzles many of us as to why some Americans wish to claim the 19 Muslim men who created havoc in the US on 9/11/91 were just part of a few radicals. For several days now Muslims throughout the world have been rioting because of some silly cartoons depicting Mohammed. So much for the religion that President George W. Bush has called noble and peaceful.

Christians know there is a vast difference between Christianity and Islam. While the purpose of this writing is not to compare the two, it is worth noting that a commitment to Jesus Christ takes on a whole new meaning when one lives out that faith in a country where Muslims are in control.

There is no doubt that America was founded upon Christian principles. There are many history books that tell this story, but you just make sure you look somewhere besides the public schools to find such information. Persecution of Christians in America is real, but it is not as severe as seen in other countries. Worldwide about 400 people loose their life each day because of their Christian faith. That’s 17 people per hour. At this point in history you are not likely to get shot in the head or decapitated in America for proclaiming that Jesus is Lord. However, we are perhaps just one Bible verse away from hate speech as defined by our government. Many unrepentant sinners already accuse us of hateful speech when we use certain Bible verses.

My real concern is how easily we roll over when some civil authority attempts to restrict our Christian witness. We also roll over when some radical groups attempt to silence our Christian speech. How easy has it been for Christian school teachers in public schools to keep their religion to themselves, for example? I have been told that the Southern Baptist Convention denomination has, for many years, resisted the promotion of Christian schools and homeschooling for Christian families. Apparently they have falsely believed that school children from Christian families need to be in public schools as “salt and light.” (maybe a good idea, but it hasn’t worked)

You and I both know that if students and teachers were vocal about their Christian faith on the public high school campus, the ACLU lawyers would be swarming all over the place. But, professing Christians roll over and the ACLU takes over. It has happened over and over again. Let me give one example as to what should happen in the classroom. A Christian biology teacher in a public school should take some time to explain evolution as a theory and also spend some time telling the Bible’s creation story. I would venture to say that most professing Christians would say that would not be appropriate because the state-run school does not allow such.

A Christian public school teacher in America does not have to fear being shot or having their head cut off, but I think there are thousands of them who fear they will loose their jobs. One reason we have that mentality in America is because we are being lead by many milquetoast pastors who don’t even believe the Bible is the Word of God. I use the teacher as an example because that profession has such a high profile, but there are many other Christians with government jobs who are also afraid of Big Brother. I use the pastors as an example because they, among all people, are the ones who say they are called to lead the rest of us.

Would you deny Christ if you thought you would loose your head? Would you deny Christ if you thought you would loose your paycheck?

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