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Why a Boy May Become a Sissy

As each year passes by it becomes more evident that the younger generations of men are becoming more effeminate, a product of American culture that probably got its jump start in the late sixties. Young women during that time believed the biggest lie since Eve listened to the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but women were told they should be free to express their sexuality the same as men. God made man with a continual flow of testosterone in the blood stream that accounts for the sex drive in males. There is no such continual production of a sex hormone in women that produces the same effect. But, nonetheless, women began to act contrary to their natural God-given physiological provision. I think this was one of the indirect factors that lead to feminizing men.

Once women sold out to men who wished to take advantage of the new woman, then women began to desire other freedoms. They saw men as opportunists who take advantage of women in most all aspects of life. As women became liberated sexually, then they sought after other liberties. They began breaking glass ceilings and they began joining men to fight fires as well as fight the enemy on battlefields. When women began to wear business suits rather than dresses and they began demanding that we blur the line between the physical differences between men and women, it stands to reason that sooner or later young boys would need to be trained to be more like girls. One extreme example of how weird people have gotten is the fact that in parts of France urinals have been torn out of public rest rooms so men will have to be humbled just like women by sitting down to use the toilet.

The effort to make boys and girls equals for more than forty years has produced a softer man. While homosexual men are known for their basic vanity and their emphasis on fashion, skin care and basic body care (other than their destructive sexual behavior), now some heterosexuals are following that pattern. This softer man is called the metrosexual. That is all we need, one more option for determining your sexual identity. I was born in 1941, and I can just imagine what it would have been like 50 years ago if someone suggested we study our sexual identity. I later obtain two graduate degrees in reproductive physiology. You know what I know; there are two sexes, one is male, the other female. I hope you are not offended that I listed male first. While the madness today over sexuality is at times laughable, the sad part is that many young people are being taught this nonsense.

WorldNetDaily reported today that a school board in Oakland, CA ordered a rainbow-flag poster be placed in all classrooms of the public schools. It was to let certain kids know the school is a safe place. For example, lesbians, gays, transgenders, bisexual and questioning kids can feel safe. Questioning? How suggestive is that for a young person to start experimenting so he/she/it can make contact with their hidden sexual identity.

The primary reason I began writing this piece was to link the reader other current commentaries concerning this problem. Chuck Baldwin’s piece at has a little more emphasis on the homosexual aspect, whereas Ilana Mercer discusses the influence of feminists more than Baldwin. And, I had a previous post about boys growing up to be girlie men.

While it would seem this article should go in the culture category of our posts here at, I see the real responsibility for rearing our boys as being in the home. This leads to my obvious bias that homeschooling should be first choice when we consider how our children will be raised. As Chuck Baldwin accurately stated, even some Christian schools tend to feminize the boys. And, of course, another bias I have is that the institutional church seldom emphasizes doing much besides sitting in a pew, not exactly a man’s preferred he-man type activity.

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Fear the Spear

“–if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matt 18:6, NIV)

A recently released movie about Christian missionaries has stirred a lot of controversy. Every Tribe Entertainment (ETE) produced the movie, “The End of the Spear,” that has been applauded by many Christians as a great story about forgiveness. The story centers on the death of five missionaries in Ecuador 50 years ago and the subsequent evangelism of some of the Waodani tribesmen who were responsible for those deaths. This evangelistic effort was conducted by relatives of those murdered missionaries. It is no doubt a remarkable story of the power of the Holy Spirit as relatives act out of forgiveness and compassion to go live with and evangelize those primitive people in Equator. The message is fine, but there is a real problem with the messenger.

Homosexual activist Chad Allen was hired by ETE for the leading role in the movie. He played the role of Nate Saint, one of the slain missionaries, in the early part of the movie. He also played Nate’s son Steve in the latter part of the movie. Many, including several high profile Christians, have given strong endorsements for the movie. Others have been critical because the message is overshadowed by the fact that a homosexual activist plays the lead role. I am in the latter group; we should have a healthy fear of “The End of the Spear” movie.

Let me quickly point out that one of the criticisms is that the name of Jesus is never mentioned in the movie. The Gospel is not clearly given. Christ is not mentioned. The movie may project forgiveness, but all forgiveness does not point to Jesus Christ. After all, the whole tolerance issue in this day has some marks of forgiveness; Let’s all get along, live and let live, do what is right for you, tolerate my sin and I will tolerate yours.

Some have said it does not matter that a homosexual plays the part of a Christian missionary so long as he is a good actor. Okay, let’s take that thinking to its ridiculous conclusion. If the messenger does not matter so long as the message is given, then why don’t church congregations hire the best actors they can find and have them show up Sunday morning to deliver the key message for the main service? Huh, why don’t we? Come to think of it, that is probably already being done more than you and I would like to think.

What about God’s anointing on actors? Should a company that produces Christian films not rely heavily upon prayers of all participants in the production including those who have acting parts? Would talented Christians not be the choice for filling acting roles, particularly the lead role?

America has put too much emphasis on celebrity status. It’s particularly true in sports, music, and acting. One problem with this movie is that impressionable young people may be attracted to the star of the show. This could lead to all the ungodly homosexual content in Chad Allen’s web site, his interviews on television, magazines, etc. That is a major risk when a Christian film company has a flippant attitude about who should play any role in one of their movies. In a like manner, Christians in positions of leadership who recommend this movie to others take the risk of sending the wrong message, particularly to our little ones. “–if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matt 18:6, NIV)

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Preschool or Prison?

One desire I have with this web page is to give links to articles by others that do a great job or pointing out some challenges for Christians. Tricia Smith Vaughan has written such an article that points to the folly of letting the government brainwash our children beginning at preschool age.

Get the full story at this link.

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