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Ready Freddy

Fred Thompson is the man of the week. In my last post I had noted that Fred was the only one of several candidates to give a correct global warming answer.

The very next day in a debate in Iowa the moderator, a lady reporter, asked the group of candidates to raise their hands if they thought global warming was a critical problem. As some of the candidates began to raise their hand Freddy boy blurted out saying he wasn’t doing any hand-raising. The moderator tried to brow beat Fred into giving a yes or no answer.

He then asks, “Will you give me a minute to answer.”

She said, “No.”

“Well then I’m not going to answer.”

Freddy was ready for an answer to this starchy moderator and he was ready for Katie Couric on the CBS news the day before. He was ready with an answer; he didn’t have to put his PC antennas up and answer accordingly. America will back a candidate that says what he believes without hesitation. I’m not sure many of the front running candidates fit that mold. Fred may be the only one.

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